About Us


The company began trading in Leeds as a family run business under the name George E Lowe Limited during the late 1930s,Since then the company has pioneered integrated technical solutions for its multitude of clients across a broad range of industrial applications.


Originally the company`s focus was on servicing the petroleum distribution industry, to which it began supplying storage tanks, pipelines and reconditioned pumps. Despite the Great Depression of the 1930’s some sectors of the economy still continued to move forward, not least the petroleum industry and hence the company continued to grow.


 Following the onset of the Second World War the demand for manufacturing increased with Lowe Engineering contributing to the war effort through specialist welding and machining skills in both aluminum and steel. After the war that capability enabled the company to further develop and market its own range of products.


During the late 60’s and through the1970s close links were developed with the CEGB (the UK nationalized Power Industry) resulting in the integration of Lowe equipment for the purposes of Steam and Water Analysis. This close relationship enabled the company to develop an export trade on a global basis, successfully tendering for major new power station projects in India, Africa, Hong Kong and China.

Through into the 1980s Lowe had become internationally recognized as a leading design authority for a wide range of sample and analysis systems, in applications ranging from power generation to chemical processing plants – spurring dramatic rates of business growth.


In 1987 the company was one of the first in its field to obtain registration under the prestigious ISO 9001 Quality Standard, covering design, manufacture and installation.


Constantly seeking new challenges the company would, in the mid – 1990s, further develop its expertise with a move into environmental monitoring, data capture and reporting systems commonly referred to as CEMS – Continuous Emissions Monitoring. By the early 21st century it was able to offer the company`s own CEMData software to complement its analysis systems as well as being a standalone product in its own right. The software continues to be updated and developed to this day.


During 2003 the company changed ownership following a Management Buy Out which resulted in restructuring its large fabrication capability due to competition from Eastern Europe and China, whilst retaining a small niche market. Since then the company has continued to strengthen and increase its market share within the core Sampling and Analysis activities particularly overseas and into new territories.


Whilst traditionally Lowe has been heavily involved within the Power Generation Industry it has and continues to supply fully integrated packages for Waste Water, Process Water and Process Gas Industries.


Further enhancing the company’s capabilities on – site technical support and training can be provided by Lowe Engineering Solutions thus providing a complete package of after – sales solutions and support.