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Their performance and reliability remains unsurpassed. Ever conscious of changing markets LOWE has introduced a wider and upgraded range of Sample Coolers, retaining many of the outstanding features whilst providing a more cost effective solution. LOWE now offer a range of 7, 8 and 9 series Sample Coolers.

Sample Coolers - 7 series

Large heat capacity:
Very large heat transfer area per unit cost with Pressure and Temperature ratings up to 538 Deg C at 333 bar incorporating non asbestos gasket. Designed to cool steam, water, oil or other process samples for either manual grab or on-line continuous analysis.

With very low cooling water pressure drop, allowances for coil & shell fouling at full process conditions resulting in a safely predictable performance with high sample flow rates and minimum coil vibration. Short sample residence time reduces the build up of solids and scale.

Counter-flow cooling: Sample outlet temperature closely approaches the coolant inlet temperature, optimising the use of baffles within the cooler shell to produce full counter-flow cooling and low coolant flow rates.

Coils designed to minimise thermal shock:
Reducing stress corrosion and extending coil life. This unique feature has been retained for this new range.

Shell removable:
The shell is easily removed without disconnecting the sample lines, for inspection or maintenance purposes to the most commonly fouled area.

Sample coil stainless steel as standard: A single continuous coil with no joints within the cooler minimises maintenance. Optional heat-treated coils, reduces the stresses and increases the coil life. Alternative materials to stainless steel are available ie Inconel, Monel, Incoloy 825.

Compact design: Can be mounted in varying configurations to suit the user.

Shell Relief Valves:
Available from Thermal Relief Valve to Full Flow protection, if required against the unlikely event of simultaneous guillotine coil failure and coolant failure.

Alternative designs: Special sample coolers can be designed for non standard applications where necessary including Low Pressure Steam / Water; Multi Steam samples; Multi element Isothermal Bath Type; High Sample Flow and closer approach tolerances.

Special Sample Cooler Open Top Sample Cooler

Boiler Sample Cooler Selection: Sample coolers are only part of the conditioning system and all aspects of the process, siting and transfer pipe-work etc should be taken into account when selecting the appropriate cooler.



  1. For manual grab sampling select a sample cooler model that is within the process and coolant criteria. The cooler may become fouled over a period of time depending on the coolant quality and this will impair the performance. Regular maintenance should be carried out after experience of local conditions.
  2. If Secondary cooling is necessary the Primary cooler should be large enough to reduce the sample temperature to within 10 °C of the Primary coolant inlet temperature. The closer the approach to the Primary coolant inlet temperature will reduce the heat load on the secondary cooling system.
  3. The secondary cooler approach temperature should not exceed 2 °C.
  4. For steam sample applications use a cooler model with a surface area of at least 0.25 M heat transfer area.
  5. In steam sample which are less than 40 barA at the process, the sample flow may be limited by the pressure drop in the overall system.
  6. The superheat within the sample is assumed to be lost to ambient during transit to the cooler.
  7. For samples which are other than Steam or Water, please contact this office for specific conditions and applications.
  8. If Chlorides are present in the sample or coolant please contact this office to check the suitability or available alternative materials.